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JTV Project Engineering was established based on the identification of an obvious need in the market to enable smaller (very skilled) steel construction companies to broaden their supply scope by representing them as part of a professional / turnkey projects supplier.

Using industry leading detailing software as a design tool, JTV’s supply scope is facilitated by a very strong and professional shop detailing base. With in-house mechanical, structural and civil design capabilities, any related project can be successfully undertaken and effectively controlled at the hand of this own generated detailing. Smaller construction companies are used and managed to effectively produce, erect and commission according to our detailed designs, while we retain the project, QC and QS management responsibility.

Coming from extensive steel construction experience, JTV possesses the skilled resources to implement most construction projects cost effectively by utilising a selection of smaller construction entities while maintaining a technical capability comparative with (and even superior to) larger construction houses.

  • The detailing software used enables 100% accurate material listing for pin-point QS facilitation even prior to tender award rather than post fabrication as is usually the case.
  • Extensive experience together with a well-established QC system enables very effective and professional quality control on any project scope.
  • 3D Rendered modelling to bolt level detail enables effective Client interface with a holistic detailed view of the intended project (even prior to tender stage in some cases)
  • Seamless engineering analysis on structures facilitated by direct model interface with multiple software analysis packages
  • Exact project control interface at multiple fabrication facilities or site areas enabled by a specially developed and proven database registry program
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